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Autism Treatment Questions – Hours of Treatment for Your Special Needs Child

By Dr. Donia Fahim Blog, Everything Autism, Parenting Tips 2 Comments

Among the most frequent autism treatment questions from parents to special educators and therapists is, “How many hours of treatment is best for my child?”

Of course, the answer will vary from child to child and parent to parent, based on the particular condition and the amount of participation the parents and/or caregiver are available and able to provide. In Chapter 7 of our book, Let’s Talk, we outline the recommendations from a variety of agencies and foundations that support families of children with special needs. It is important to remember that quality always trumps quantity.

Here is a …

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Let’s Talk: Experience Sharing & Autism

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Our children today are taught to express themselves, to be successful in school, on the sports field, in music, in drama, in music and to generally to be busy DOING.

autismWe do a good job at ensuring their little minds and bodies are taken care of but what about their little hearts? Do we teach our children to LOVE, to be kind to each other and to forgive? Do we teach our children compassion and the deeper meaning of sacrifice (giving up what you love to someone else in need). Do we teach our children to both appreciate differences in …

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Daily routines: give them a chance to communicate!

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When do you teach your child to communicate? 

Hand washing, toileting, mealtime, and naptime are some of the daily activities that occur throughout the day. These routines are predictable and regular and therefore can be utilized for natural teaching opportunities to address communication development and related skills. These routines can become ideal learning activities for young children with ASD and developmental disorders especially when some time is taken to plan for what might be taught during such routines. Routines will look different from country to country and from home to home. I am ending a work visit in Saudi Arabia. …

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Whose role is that?

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Autism, gender and culture.

Autism crosses all boundaries: social, religious, cultural and linguistic. The treatments that we offer children and families must however address the differences in culture and language. When I was in Saudi Arabia conducting workshops, I gave an example of sorting laundry to help children match and categorize. This is an activity parents I have worked with in Egypt have reported to do with their young children with success. However when I was in Saudi I was reminded by the mothers in the audience that their boys would never sort laundry, it would be culturally inappropriate.…

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Want to know what to do in the classroom for kids with ASD?

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Review by Ashley Fotieo, Special Educator & Hunter College Graduate Student is a site with some practical ideas for working with students with autism at home and in the classroom.   In the “Strategies” sections, there are many suggestions for strategies for preventing and responding to challenging behaviors in children with autism, as well as for supporting their learning.  In the section about encouraging communication and social behavior, there is an organized, descriptive list of techniques for encouraging these behaviors. Additionally, there are other helpful resources such as:

  • A list of possible IEP goals
  • Basic templates for center labels and
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I Teach Autism: A Starting Point for Teaching Strategies for Children with ASD

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Review by Caitlin Hickey, Special Educator and Hunter College Graduate Student

I came across in my search of websites for teachers of children with autism. I Teach Autism, which is the format of a blog, pegs itself as a source for autism teaching tools, books and resources. I Teach Autism was founded by a Special Education teacher who felt there was a lack of online resources for teachers of children with ASD. The founder wanted to create a site that catered to teachers, homeschooling parents, professionals and others who teach those with ASD.  The site states that it features
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Review of: Association for Science in Autism Treatment website

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Review by Frank Kou, Special Educator & Hunter College Graduate Student

A child has just received a diagnosis of Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  Bewildered parents have many questions and worries about their child, but where do they begin?  Questions that they have may include: What is Autism?  What are treatments for Autism? What treatment works?  What treatments are fads?  How effective are these treatments?

The Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) [] is a website that is geared towards both parents as well as professionals who are interested in other areas of Autism besides their own areas of …

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A world focus on autism: guest bloggers & multi-lingual reviews of on line sources

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During the opening week of the United Nations 67th General Assembly, on the 27th of September, Autism Speaks will host its 5th Annual World Focus on Autism. This is exciting for all of us at Hunter becuase it will be held at Hunter College’s Roosevelt House and many of us who are part of the Hunter Autism Research, Practice & Policy Center (HARPP) will be presenting posters. My colleague Nilofer Naqvi and I are excited to be presenting a poster on Autism in Low Income Countries: current status, challenges and solutions, which is based on our grassroots work during …

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Teaching what we need to learn

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Children with ASD sometimes have difficulty reading the clues to be able to figure out how the other person is feeling. What is equally important is identifying how they are feeling. We have thousands of thoughts a day and those thoughts can and do affect how we feel. When working with children with ASD we can teach them to identify how others are feeling by using their detective or information gathering skills. It can help to use tools such as video modeling, and watch videos of others to help the children identify how others are feeling. Questions such as– What’s …

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Ghana hosts first Autism summit to mark World Autism Day

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Ghana hosts first Autism summit to mark World Autism Day

The first ever autism conference in a western African country will be held in Accra, Ghana- April 2011: The Global Autism Project, in association with Teachers Without Borders and the Awareness, Care and Training Centre (AACT), will be hosting the first West African autism conference in Accra, Ghana on the 7th-10th April. The conference will be held at the Kama Conference Center for the first 3 days and then the last day will be at the W.E.B. Dubois Center. It will consist of lectures, workshops, discussion groups, …

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