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Back to school: top 20 Special Education Blogs

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It is that time of year when we are all just ‘Back to School’ and teachers are busy preparing their classrooms and getting ready for the new year. The first week back is always very exciting and I had my first three classes last week. This semester I am teaching three classes: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Curriculum Models and Methods in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education as well as the new Teach for America Seminar which I am co-teaching with the wonderful Lauren Hanson.

My theme for this semester is balance- a balance between work and relaxation, a balance …

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Surrendering to academia and being present

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Children are the best assessors of their teachers! It’s a fact. Ask the children and they will tell you who is fun, whose lessons they love, and who they really don’t like. The same goes for graduate students! So why in academia are we judged merely by the number of peer reviewed journals we publish? Publishing books, writing blogs, TV appearances, organizing conferences, developing intervention services, training teachers etc, etc don’t count. The professors commodity is-How many peer reviewed journal articles have you published? Until that changes the young professor has no choice but to publish.

I have been an …

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