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Tips for Raising Children

Setting Up a Home Therapy Room/Corner

By Dr. Donia Fahim Blog, Tips for Raising Children No Comments

The colder months can mean spending a lot more time at home. But this doesn’t have to be boring for you & your child. Why not try setting up a few things right in your home?

How to Set Up a Home Therapy Room

Creating a simple shelf with a few items on it can be a great way to introduce stories and songs to your child. Perhaps you and your child could spend some time here just before bed which could be a wonderful opportunity to make mundane routines more fun and educational!

Here’s an example of a home …

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Positive Parenting Skills: Building Positive Role Modelling Skills

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role-modellingI am often asked by parents how to manage specific behaviours exhibited by their children. My first question to these parents is always the same, “How do you behave as a parent?” This is often met with stunned silence and wide, staring eyes as they struggle to understand the need for positive role modelling.

Children need their parents or guardians to be good models; role models for acceptable behaviour. That means you have to practice good listening to teach good listening, use manners to teach manners, and practice self-control to teach patience.

If you argue, shout at others, and call …

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