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Setting Up a Home Therapy Room/Corner

By November 19, 2018December 11th, 2018Dr. Donia Fahim Blog, Tips for Raising Children

The colder months can mean spending a lot more time at home. But this doesn’t have to be boring for you & your child. Why not try setting up a few things right in your home?

How to Set Up a Home Therapy Room

Creating a simple shelf with a few items on it can be a great way to introduce stories and songs to your child. Perhaps you and your child could spend some time here just before bed which could be a wonderful opportunity to make mundane routines more fun and educational!

Here’s an example of a home therapy area that I set up for a family in Riyadh:


Below is a song box from which you pick a card and sing the chosen song. A great way to introduce new words to your little one and teach them about rhythm and rhyme.


Or how about taking it in turns to pick an animal magnet out of the bag and saying its name or the sound it makes out aloud? This could be done sitting on the sofa or during bath times, again making simple moments at home more fun:


I hope that you have enjoyed these tips and give setting up a home therapy room a try! I always love to share with you all, so please do follow my social media for more updates on my work, useful tips for the home and all things educational!

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