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In children with special and neurodiverse needs around the world.

Meet Dr. Donia
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Autism Specialist & Speech Language Therapist Helping Children with Additional Needs & Their Families

I have devoted my life to improving the lives of children with additional needs through developing therapeutic techniques and strategies designed to draw out their greatest potential, no matter what their neurodiverse needs may be. 

My company Education and Therapeutic Spaces Ltd., is based in London and is dedicated to helping families, educators and governments in the areas of neurodiversity inclusion practices, early intervention program design, and speech language therapy.

"Reaching out to Dr. Donia opened my eyes to different approaches and strategies that can help my child and me. Not only that, but she became my charge to positivity. I've seen progress with my child and myself. I loved how generous she was with information and supplies. I know that I've found a friend, a sister, and a coach that will always be with me. Thank you, Dr. Donia, for your dedication and support."
Mother of Sas

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Navigating Communication Services and Supports for Your Young Child with Autism

Communication is often a parent’s number one concern when a young child is diagnosed with autism. With so many interventions available, how can families be sure they’re choosing the best option for their child? This accessible, straightforward book gives you the practical knowledge to evaluate communication therapies and treatments—and make sound decisions rooted in evidence-based practice.

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“I want to express my deepest gratitude to Donia. Her unwavering dedication, expertise, and compassionate approach have not only transformed my son's life but also mine. When my son was diagnosed as neurodivergent, I felt overwhelmed and unsure of how to navigate this new reality. The challenges seemed insurmountable, and I questioned my abilities as a mother. However, from the moment I met Donia, I felt reassured and I knew that everything would have been fine.

Donia created a safe and nurturing environment, where my son felt seen, heard and understood. Through her patience and empathy, she built a strong rapport with him, providing him with a platform to express himself freely. This safe space became the foundation for his personal and emotional growth. One of the most remarkable aspects is her ability to tailor strategies and techniques to suit my son's unique needs. She recognized his strengths and challenges, and with unwavering commitment, she developed a personalized therapy plan that addressed his specific requirements. Beyond her impact on my son, Donia also supported me and my ex husband. She took the time to listen, validate our concerns and offer guidance. Through her compassionate approach, she helped us understand the neurodivergent experience, fostering a sense of unity and empathy within our family.

Her dedication to our son's progress went above and beyond. She consistently went the extra mile, researching innovative techniques, staying updated with the latest research, and collaborating with other professionals to provide comprehensive and holistic care. Her commitment to our son's well-being is evident in every session. As a result of Donia’s influence, I have undergone a profound transformation as a mother. She has taught me the power of patience, understanding and unconditional love. Through her guidance, I have learned to celebrate my son's unique strengths and embrace his differences. I always tell my son that neurodiversity is his SUPERPOWER! Thanks to Donia’s tireless efforts, my son is flourishing, reaching milestones we once thought were unattainable. Her impact extends beyond the therapy sessions, as she has equipped him with the tools and confidence to navigate the world with resilience and self-assurance. We owe her an immeasurable debt of gratitude.

Donia is not just a professional, but an angel sent to guide us through the challenges we face. Her compassionate approach, dedication and personalized care have transformed our lives. Through her support, me and my son have embraced a newfound sense of empowerment, understanding, and love. Donia has forever changed our lives and made me a better mother and human being.”

Core Values

Meet Dr. Donia Fahim

Donia Fahim, Ph.D., Cert. MRCSLT (UK), is the Founder & Director of Education and Therapeutic Spaces Ltd.

She is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, International Educational Consultant, writer, and adventure/traveler who has devoted her life to improving the educational and therapeutic services of children with special needs around the world. She is considered one of the leading experts in the field of early intervention, international special education, and speech-language therapy. She utilizes evidence-based practices with in-depth knowledge across disciplines.

Dr. Donia and her team provide consultations in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

Inspired Learning & Strategy

It means identifying high-quality solutions that positively impact the lives and futures of children and families. It means keeping up with research and evidence based practices, and sharing this knowledge.

Appreciation of Diversity

It means acknowledging each individual’s unique way of thinking, celebrating differences, and being open and respectful to the diversity that exists within all of us.


Is being friendly, compassionate, generous, and considerate to others and yourself. Being kind often requires courage and strength, as it involves the willingness to celebrate and give attention to someone else. It is also about giving and receiving honest feedback so that it is helpful.

Compassionate Communication

It means being able to do and say what feels most genuine, it means holding the person in our mind and heart as we listen to what they want to say, particularly when sharing the challenges. It means clarity and practicing the art of listening without judgment.

Creativity & Play

Means harnessing the potential to make positive change and seeing the strengths in others. When combined with play, creativity allows us to view and solve problems more openly and to integrate different approaches in a way that is flexible and sustainable. Work should be fun, fulfilling and satisfying!