A world focus on autism: guest bloggers & multi-lingual reviews of on line sources

During the opening week of the United Nations 67th General Assembly, on the 27th of September, Autism Speaks will host its 5th Annual World Focus on Autism. This is exciting for all of us at Hunter becuase it will be held at Hunter College’s Roosevelt House and many of us who are part of the Hunter Autism Research, Practice & Policy Center (HARPP) will be presenting posters. My colleague Nilofer Naqvi and I are excited to be presenting a poster on Autism in Low Income Countries: current status, challenges and solutions, which is based on our grassroots work during the past 14 years.

This event will be attended by First Spouses and Ministers of Health from around the world, as well as leaders and experts in the field of autism who will share best practices for countries, communities and families affected with autism.

To celebrate this imporant event I have asked my student tecachers in my Autism class to be guest bloggers. Our intention is to be of service to the global community and this month we will be reviewing on line resources which are of benefit to families and practitioners. We will be reviewing sites in Chinese, Spanish, Greek and Hebrew in addition to sites in English. Please let us know your thoughts.

Thank you and let’s all work together to make this a well informed Autism friendly world.

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