Navigating the internet for Autism: a review of sites for teachers

More than a decade ago when I moved to Cairo, Egypt to set up a unit for children with Autism the internet was still in its infancy and “googling” was not an active verb. My resources at the time consisted of a few books, a few classes I had taken on Autism and my experiences as a clinician in London. Times have since changed and there is now an overwhelming amount of information on Autism. However are the challenges any different to what they were twelve years ago? What has happened regarding service delivery, resources, teacher training and parental support? If you are the parent of a child newly diagnosed or are a teacher of child with Autism working in a remote setting whether in Africa or the U.S, one of the primary tools we now refer to is the internet. If you Google, Yahoo, or Bing the word ‘Autism’ or related phrases, a plethora of information is out there. But how do you know what to look for? What are some of the better sites out there and why would teachers want to refer to them? The following comments are from teachers and teacher candidates.

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