Review of website : The Autism Society of America

Review by Talia Grosser: Special Educator and Hunter College Graduate Student

The Autism Society of America website is a great resource for many individuals

who are interested in learning more about autism. It targets those who know

about autism, those who are beginning to learn about autism, and family

members of those affected by autism. The Autism Society looks to improve the

lives of parents of newly diagnosed children who don’t know where to turn, to a

sibling of an individual with autism, and provides basic information for those

who are learning about the disorder.


The website gives a brief explanation of what autism is and lists various signs to

look for in a child. It lists the symptoms of the disorder, but cautions the reader

that these “red flags” don’t necessarily mean the child has autism. Rather, it

encourages one to bring their child for further evaluations to confirm that their

child’s development is typical. Various causes of autism are listed, as well as

facts and statistics relevant to autism. A comprehensive explanation of the

symptoms, diagnosis and causes are all presented for those who are first

learning about the autism disorder.


The website is very organized and simple to navigate. It is split into sections and

has subtopics that provide more detailed information. The Autism Society

developed in-depth information on a variety of topics related to living with

autism. This information is very helpful to families, and provides some basic

tools to help their loved ones who are affected by autism. Many resources are

available, along with treatment options and personal inspirational stories. For

those who are interested in getting involved with the autism community, Autism

Society gives one the opportunity to become a member, to donate, attend

conferences and events.


While navigating the website, I learned that the Autism society is the home of

the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon and founded the National Autism

Awareness month, which helps focus on autism in April of very year. . In the

section on “about autism”, I learned that the major difference between

Asperger’s Disorder and autism is that there’s no speech delay in Asperger’s.

Children with Asperger’s Disorder have good language skills but use it in a

different way. The website is extremely informative and contains enjoyable and

appealing material. The Autism Society focuses highly on raising awareness, and

being supportive of families to help them make the best choices to suit the

needs of their children and helps to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity

and respect.

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