Review of the Jewish Autism Trust Website

Review by Simone Altman: Special Educator and Hunter College Graduate Student

The Jewish Autism Trust website,, is a great resource that is geared towards Jewish families that have a child or children with autism.  The information of the website is organized in a way that is easy to navigate and very user-friendly.  The website offers information and support for parents and families about autism.  Email support is available for families, which provides up to date and current information about autism. There are events such as speakers and youth activities posted as well.  However, the events are only for families in the UK.

Within the support tab, there is a section called, “What am I entitled to?” This section has information and goes through disability allowance, care assessment, and much more.  It has a lot of good supports for families and gives them information about what assistance or benefits they are entitled in places such as airports and at the theatre.  I especially think that this website is helpful because it provides links to other websites that go into more detail.  Jewish Autism Trust gives information for families who need guidance and support.  The resources were useful and very accessible from this website.


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