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NYC and Brooklyn Angels!

By August 25, 2014December 15th, 2015Uncategorized

I was told that New Yorkers are rude, unfriendly and not to be trusted. Well that’s just not true.   A New Yorker, James, told me to keep this secret to myself otherwise everyone would want to live here. I have recently had a series of pleasant interactions which seem to appear when I truly submit my will and accept that the assistance and support will be there as needed and most importantly not to be afraid. Last Sunday I bought a lamp which is much taller than me. The sales assistant kindly carried it to the pavement and when I hailed a cab and attempted to place it on the back seat. I could not fit it in the cab and I started to feel a wave of worry, the traffic light would change any minute, but then out of no where a New York Angel appeared and he helped me lift my lamp into the cab. My second angel appeared yesterday en route to La Laundry. I had piled two weeks worth of laundry into my large mulberry bag thinking “I can carry this”. My previous experiences should have taught me otherwise, not to mention that I had also added my lap top to the load. A few minutes and one block down there was no way I could carry my bag. My mind went into problem solving mode and options were being thrown at me as I conversed with ‘me’. Should I go back? no might as well continue, but how? Call a cab? no don’t have enough cash? I smiled amused at the scenario that I had gotten myself into. Again out of no where Brooklyn-man-walking-dog appears and says ” Can I help you with that?”- he silently carried my bag all the way to La Laundry and when his dog jumped up he told his dog off. Otherwise there was no conversational exchange and Brooklyn-man-walking-dog was silent-Brooklyn-man-walking-dog. I said thank you, he smiled and left. Namaste!

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  • Laura says:

    Hey Carrie,

    Oh no, I mean Donia! 🙂 For a moment I thought I was reading the memoirs of carrie from Sex in the City! 🙂 I can just imagine her saying “Brooklyn man walking dog” when describing her sidewalk hero!

    BTW, I think you need one of those granny carts to pull your laundry along. My grandmother used to have one when she lived in the Bronx.

    I think I wikll go along and read and comment on everything! As I read, I miss NY and cannot wait to meet up at Xmas time.


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