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Cultural diversity or social spills

By September 4, 2014December 15th, 2015Uncategorized

Since I have moved here there have been numerous occasions where I am misunderstood which I place under the category of ‘cultural mishap’. I would generally add that my social skills and graces are one of my strengths but it’s always good for the ego  when you feel that bump of reality and realize that there’s still so much to learn. I was walking in the corridor at Hunter with a well respected and older colleague. The corridor was narrow and for a meter or two I was walking ahead of her which felt inappropriate given her age and status. When I had a chance I stepped to the side to allow her to walk in front of me. She turned around to me and said “The office is not here it’s still further ahead”. I smiled, said nothing and laughed (not out loud) at the cultural anomaly that had just occurred.

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