Subway entertainment

I love Thursday nights. After I finish teaching in the evening I join one of my students and we take a bus accross town through Central Park to the subway. This is the long way home for me but I enjoy the company and scenary so much that I don’t mind the extra minutes. Once we get to the subway we depart at 14th street, where I then take the L train to Williamsburg, where I live. There are always incredibly talented performers and artists busking at night, and since my wait for the train is longer, I really get to enjoy the music. This thursday I bought a chocolate bar from the subway kiosk and sat and listened to the music. After a few tap footing seconds, followed by an additional sway of the shoulders, I couldn’t help it, the words just popped out and I found myself singing along “winter spring summer or fall all you have to do is call…”. Would I have done this anywhere else?

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