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January 2015

Have I lost my manners?

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After only a few weeks in New York I learnt that if you need directions you don’t say excuse me first, you simply state your request using the least words. “Up town?”. Last week as I was rushing up Park Avenue to work a man stopped me and said “Excuse me”, I didn’t stop, I didn’t even say “Sorry I am in a rush”, I ignored him. As I sprinted past him I heard him say, “WHAT’S UP WITH YOU!”. I realized what I had done and so the next time someone stopped me which happened to be two days …

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Culture and Autism: Let me give you a ring

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The Jo Malone Counter in Bloomingdales Soho a transatlantic relationship in itself. After completing her purchase the customer tells sales manager that she will give her a ring when she returns. “A ring. That’s so British” says the sales manager. I laugh another occasion where I am humbly reminded how both inferential language and cultural awareness are needed to understand the simplest of things being said.…

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Karma and Gluten Free Desserts in NYC

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Orsay in the Upper East Side have the most incredible desserts. My favourite, lychee butter cream, fresh raspberries and a rose petal meringue macaroon. It’s so delicious I had it twice in a row. But most importantly it’s GLUTEN FREE. I was diagnosed with Celiac two years

ago which means I can not eat anything that contains gluten or even use shampoos or creams that have wheat protein. My first knowledge of a ‘Gluten Free Diet’ was almost eight years ago when I was working with young children with Autism many of whom were on a gluten and casein free
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Tip of the day: An attitude of gratitude creates endless opportunities

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As a little girl growing up, when myself or my siblings would complain my mother would wisely say ‘the complaints department is closed’. Maintaining a positive attitude is hard especially during times of loss or stress. A few months after I moved to New York, when I was sad and homesick I met a wonderful woman called Kufunya, she’s a writer and teacher. She gave me some wonderful advice. She told me to write down 10 things I am grateful for before going to bed. It is miraculous how this tangible little objective can have such a huge impact.…

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Attention problems? use your iphone to keep you on track

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My tip of the day: Using my iphone I now set multiple alarms with labels. “Wake up”, “Really wake up”, “Start writing”, “Prepare lunch”, “Get ready to leave”, “Leave the house now!”

I have spent my working life teaching learning support strategies to children with Autism and their parents. If I don’t test these out on myself then I consider them invalid!
Since moving to NYC, I have become more conscious of what I need to do to comfortably enjoy living in this intense but wonderful city. There are times when I am so overwhelmed, I have a sense of …

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