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Culture and Autism: Let me give you a ring

By January 22, 2015December 15th, 2015Everything Autism

The Jo Malone Counter in Bloomingdales Soho a transatlantic relationship in itself. After completing her purchase the customer tells sales manager that she will give her a ring when she returns. “A ring. That’s so British” says the sales manager. I laugh another occasion where I am humbly reminded how both inferential language and cultural awareness are needed to understand the simplest of things being said.

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  • Monica Iacono says:

    I have reviewed two websites about Autism. They are the Autism Society of America ( and Kids Health: Autism ( They are both organizations. The first website was one of the first few websites that came up on my internet search of Autism.

    The first website (Autism Society of America) was helpful in terms of signs and early inidications. They also stated that Autism can be treated but can’t be outgrown or cured. They had many resources in other states, and programs to send your children. They also had a link to bring your children to sensory friendly films. I liked this website because it was easy to navigate and had many resources. It was targeted to parents, families, and educators.

    The second website (Kids Health:Autism) was targeted towards parents, kids, and teens. In each section of targeted audiences the vocabulary differed for better understanding of each particular age group. I really liked that. It had many other options in the website such as nutriton and printable worksheets. It was not as easy to navigate but it had some useful information.

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