Visual support and furniture assembly

Since moving to NYC I have been blessed with a plethora of helpful friendly hands who have assisted me in assembling shelves, cupboards and similar objects. I never seem to match the written instructions with the actual assembly. This all changed today. My latest purchase remained in the box for three weeks until finally today I decided to face my fear and look at the instructions. They were perfect. Visually clear, numbered and I could easily match the objects to the pictures and follow the sequence. In a few minutes a beautiful hat stand was up and in use. I didn’t get stressed, frustrated or throw the box and its contents across the room. Completing the project was a reinforcer in itself!

The Geneva Centre for Autism have a wonderful site which includes a page where you can down load visual supports such as choice boards, volume control and hand washing sequences. These can be easily adapted but remember if the language is written from right to left, like Arabic that you must also have the pictures  going from right to left.

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