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how children learn bad behaviour

Positive Parenting Skills: 5 Positive Parenting Rules

By Dr. Donia Fahim Blog, Parenting Tips One Comment

parenting-rulesAs a parent, you must distinguish between your child’s behaviours, understanding the difference between those that are deliberate and those that are due to other factors, such as: fear, stress, fatigue, and hunger. Following these 5 parenting rules will help you figure out the clues your child is sending.

Each parent or guardian will have their own unique way of parenting, which you learnt from how you were brought up. We all tend to parent as we were parented, until we become aware of certain behaviours and make conscious decisions to try and modify them.

We can all think of …

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Positive Parenting Skills: Building Positive Role Modelling Skills

By Dr. Donia Fahim Blog, Tips for Raising Children No Comments

role-modellingI am often asked by parents how to manage specific behaviours exhibited by their children. My first question to these parents is always the same, “How do you behave as a parent?” This is often met with stunned silence and wide, staring eyes as they struggle to understand the need for positive role modelling.

Children need their parents or guardians to be good models; role models for acceptable behaviour. That means you have to practice good listening to teach good listening, use manners to teach manners, and practice self-control to teach patience.

If you argue, shout at others, and call …

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Positive Parenting Skills: What Type of Role Model Are You?

By Dr. Donia Fahim Blog, Parenting Tips No Comments

As parents, we often don’t realise that, through our own actions, we are encouraging our children’s negative behaviours, such as: screaming, whining, kicking, and not listening. Young children are incredibly attentive, and they crave adult attention, be it positive or negative. Preschool children are especially adept at testing adults because, developmentally, they are on a quest for autonomy. This is why learning positive parenting skills is so important.

Children this young simply do not understand consequences, the “If you… I will…” type of experience that parents often mistake for a “teaching moment.” Such language structures have no meaning to them …

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