Resources AAC and Hand Held devices

These are some useful resources if you are considering the the use of hand held device as alternative augmentative communication system for an individual with ASD. Supporting the communication of individuals with ASD leads to greater community accessibility and self-advocacy. If you want to be inspired I would suggest watching: Wretches and Jabberers this is an inspiring and informative documentary. 

A Comparison of Communication Using the Apple iPad and a Picture-based System, Margaret Flores*, Kate Musgrove,Scott Renner, Vanessa Hinton, Shaunita Strozier, Susan Franklin,

Doris Hil June 2012


A further comparison of manual signing, picture

exchange, and speech-generating devices as

communication modes for children with autism

spectrum disorders

Larah van der Meera, Dean

Sutherland, Mark F. O’Reilly, Giulio

E. Lancioni, Jeff Sigafoos June 2012


AAC Evaluations and New Mobile Technologies:

Asking and Answering the Right Questions Debby McBride April 2011


The Use of Video Modeling via a Video iPod and a

System of Least Prompts to Improve Transitional

Behaviors for Students with Autism Spectrum

Disorders in the General Education Classroom.

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 12(2),

103 -115.

Cihak, D., Fahrenkrog, C., Ayres,

K. M., & Smith, C. 2010


Autism, AAC, and Proloquo2Go. Perspectives on

Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 18

(4), 137-145. doi: 10.1044/aac18.4.137


Timmer, S. (2009). Dunov, a project to develop a

tool to support the vision of the life coaching model

for people with ASD, 9(Suppl). Sennott, S., & Bowker, A. 2009



Making a Difference with Smart Tablets. Price, Amy Oct. 2011



Past/Future Conference Presentations

Title Author(s) Conference Link

A Free Application for Augmentative


J. Fuentes, N. Azpiazu, A.

Basurco, I. Lazkoz, F. Sánchez

and B. Villamía IMFAR 2012


The Effectiveness of Speech Generating Devices

for Children with ASD, D. Trembath, C. Dissanayake, and

T. Iacono IMFAR 2012


Challenges to Using Apps as Assistive Technology Pati King-DeBaun & Dan Herlihy ATIA Webinar

Web Links

Title Author(s) Date Link

iPads come to aid of autistic, speech students



Mobile Devices and Communication Apps

Can the new iPad take therapy apps to the next





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