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My little mentor

By November 13, 2015December 15th, 2015Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Uncategorized

I am spending Thanksgiving with my dear friend Susanna, her husband, children and family. This is my first American holiday. It’s postcard perfect. The house with the wooden front porch, children playing with autumn leaves in the back yard (garden), the aroma of turkey and pumpkin pie. Family traveling from afar. This is all very new for me, it’s not quite Christmas in London. My little friend Nikolas, aged 6 is my guide.  We each take turns to say what we are grateful for. My little mentor, Nikolas says, “It’s when we celebrate about everything we are grateful for. I am greatful for the TVs so we wont get bored, I am grateful for friends so I can play with them so I wont be lonley, I am grateful for my mother and father because they love me and I love them”.

We eat baked yams topped with marshmallows, turkey, corn and mashed potatoes; followed by pumpkin pie for dessert. Activities are games, movies, family jokes, playing with the pets, eating more food. Throughout the day Nikolas prompts me what’s happening next.  Nikolas is the perfect mentor and I feel 100% included.

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