Public spaces are lovely places!

Let’s Talk About Super Special Kids & Cake Podcast [Episode 003 / Segment: Eating Cake for Breakfast]

The world is a big place and even bigger for our special little ones. If you want to make your child’s day super fun and interesting, but inexpensive at the same time, you needn’t worry. There are such wonderful public places that you can take your child to for free!

Museums such as the Natural History Museum where you can look at dinosaur bones; or The Transport Museum where you can ride old replica trains are such fun and so educational without being boring! I also really love Art Galleries; filled with giant paintings that your child can stare at.

Some parents tell me that they are aware of the free facilities available but they simply don’t know where to start or where to go. The important point to note here is that you should be following your child’s lead. This will ensure that they are engaged on these days out and are interested in where you take them.

Perhaps you could begin by showing your child books related to where you want to take them. For example, you could show your child a book about cars if you were thinking of visiting the transport museum, or a book about wild animals if you were thinking of going to an Art Gallery or a Zoo. In this way, you can see what types of things your child gravitates towards and plan accordingly. Knowing your child’s interests and preparing them for the day out is key.

The duration of the initial visit is also important. Perhaps on the first occasion, you could go during a quiet time and spend a short amount of time there. In this way, the day isn’t overwhelming but their interest is also piqued. The next time, you can stay a little longer and gradually build up this time.

Introducing them to your interests is also fantastic because it will mean that you can do things together that you both really enjoy. A discussion on public spaces and its benefits can also be heard over on my podcast: Episode 3: ‘Tantrums, Diets & Dinosaurs’.

Donia x

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