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Let’s Talk About Super Special Kids & Cake Podcast [Episode 002 / Segment: Eating Cake for Breakfast]

Today, it’s bath time that I’m appreciating! What I really love about bath time is that it is a simple environment: just water and a few toys; but it can be so rich in language between parent and child. Simple things like describing the water as ‘wet’ or saying the colour of your child’s toy is an effortless way to promote language without making your child feel like even bath time is a lesson.

Why Routines for Children are Important to Learning

You can ask your child to ‘wash’ and they may reach for a sponge, or wipe themselves with it – thus learning all about word association and that certain words go with certain actions. Bath time, as with all other regular things that we do within our day (our routine) can be used as a context for teaching language and promoting cognitive learning. I love moments like bath time or story time just before bed as these routines are great opportunities for learning, having fun and interacting.

The other great thing about these fun activities with our child is that we don’t need to try and make extra time in the day to do them – they’re already embedded in our daily routine. So the next time you’re doing a mundane task in the day with your child; like grocery shopping or lunch time, try to make it as enjoyable as possible. It’ll make the day a little brighter for you too!

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