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A Serendipitous Day!

It’s been two months and ten days since I moved to NYC. I have good days when ‘I LOVE this city’ and other days when I feel so overwhelmed, I either want to curl up into a ball like a hedgehog or jump on a plane back home! Well today was a particularly good day. I left the house early for a saturday not sure where my adventures would lead me.

My first stop while still in Williamsburg was at Red Pearl, where the change in the weather caused me to buy a jacket. Morning retail therapy followed by a coffee from cafe is always a good beginning.

I then headed off to Union Square with the intention of finding out when a workshop on Creative Writing and Yoga was being held. I should have known that the workshop was cancelled since I couldn’t find the flyer at home or the email which was sent, but still I was led to East West (EW) Yoga Center for a reason today.  I ended up joining for a month, unlimited Yoga for one whole month. This is the best remedy for me right now. I haven’t practiced since I moved here and I’ve been really missing it. There was a class at 4.30 which was perfect I could get some things done from my to do list.

The director of EW Yoga Studio, Hilary suggested a great nail place next door, Sunita not only painted my nails beautifully but also gave me some very decent advice, ‘you need to do yoga,’ so if I hadn’t gotten the message the universe was making sure there was no miscommunication.  The weather seemed to direct the rest of my day, so I did do a lovely a yoga class, followed by trip to Best Buy to attempt to buy a TV. I say attempt as I have no idea what the specs mean, but I did take a few pictures of the ones I like to consult later with those who know better. I wanted to get some soup but the wind literally pushed me back to the subway where I came to Hunter, to collect my students’ assignments and to write to this.

Of course I am missing ‘london-cairo me’ but I remind myself ‘this is New York Baby’ and more importantly why I am here. After the yoga class  I was chatting to Emily and Katherine we had just finished the class and it was pouring so we decided to wait in the foyer for a few minutes, as I looked up, I saw a label on the intercom which said ‘global vision’ on one button and on another button it said ‘dreams’. My global vision and mission is to continue to develop services and provide training for children with Autism and their families in developing countries. That is why I believe I was sent to NYC to work at Hunter College, my Mum thinks this is where I’ll meet my future husband. Well who knows it’s been a serendipitous day so maybe both.

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