Focusing on the ‘Now’

Let’s Talk About Super Special Kids & Cake Podcast [Episode 001 / Segment: Super Special Topic]

Life is full of worries. We worry about the mortgage, we worry about our health, we worry about the bills. The list is endless. Once you become a parent, worrying about your children probably takes up the most amount of room in your mind. This is especially true; when caring for a special needs child. However, most people will also agree that worrying is not constructive and doesn’t solve any problems. Rather, we should try to look at solutions and ways to achieve this.

I have many parents with a special needs child who tell me about their worries. They have anxiety about their child’s future: Will they succeed? Will they be able to get a job? Will they get married? But the truth is, you don’t know this about your other kids either. This is something that only time will tell. To these parents; I share the same piece of advice I want to share with my amazing readers today: rather than worrying about the future which is beyond your control, try to focus on the ‘now’.

Stay in the Present with Your Child

Focus on the things your child enjoys doing. Learn all about their current interests. For example, if your son loves his blue car or a specific toy; play alongside him with those things, engaging in his likes and interests. By doing this, you are not only relieving yourself of unnecessary stress (which is not healthy for you and your child); you are also investing in the present. Being in the present and sharing the special moments that you are lucky to have with your special child right now is all you should be concerned about!

Too often, parents are trying to diagnose their child’s problems and limitations; when they ought to be focusing on what their child is good at and what they can do. By spending quality time with your child, you will bond over what he or she enjoys. This could lead to development of language and confidence that your child may have otherwise never had the chance to develop. Right now is the time to create precious moments, because time wasted is time you’ll never get back and the future isn’t promised – so enjoy and focus on the ‘now. 

Donia x

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