Coffee, jazz legends and academia

A kind of Blue

I was in need of academic inspiration so I came to “Think Coffee”- it’s where I came when I was preparing to interview for Hunter. I love the music (eclectic) , the coffee (perfectly brewed) and the clientele ranges from NYU students to legendary jazz musicians and profs like me. It’s a great place to sit with a lap top, write, reflect and breathe deeply.

So as I am contemplating Autism and language impairment and enjoying the background jazz a gentleman comes and sits next to me. He’s wearing dark glasses, a hat with a feather and he’s elegantly dressed in black. We exchange small talk and comment on Herbie Hancock playing in the background. We share a passion for jazz. “Oh I love Ella, Miles Davis and Coltrane”. Vegas smiles, “I’ve played with all of them’.  He gives me his number and list of jazz places to visit, including the Blue Note where he used to play. Another serendipitous day in NYC.

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