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August 2015

Autism in Greece: a review of the Greek Society for the Autisitc

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Review by Julianna Hatygeorge: Special Educator & Hunter College Graduate Student

When given the task of researching autism in different countries , I was very interested in finding out more information on Greece’s take on individuals with autism. Being of Greek decent on my father’s side, I hoped to find current research, proper intervention practices and support in place for Greek individuals with autism. I was very happy with most of the information that I found. One of the main websites that I researched was The Greek Society for the Autistic (E.E.P.A.A.). Through family help with translations and Google Chrome’s …

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Review of the Interactive Autism Network

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Review by Lauren Salmon , Special Educator & Hunter College Graduate Student

The Interactive Autism Network (IAN) is an online community linking families, friends and individuals with ASD together with researchers dedicated to accelerating the advancement of education and treatment of ASD.   The two components of the IAN Network are IAN Research ( and IAN Community (  Anyone can visit the site to read articles, posts and reports however you must become a member to participate in research, receive mailings and join discussion boards.  Membership is free.  The network aims to help its members: understand the
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Want to know what to do in the classroom for kids with ASD?

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Review by Ashley Fotieo, Special Educator & Hunter College Graduate Student is a site with some practical ideas for working with students with autism at home and in the classroom.   In the “Strategies” sections, there are many suggestions for strategies for preventing and responding to challenging behaviors in children with autism, as well as for supporting their learning.  In the section about encouraging communication and social behavior, there is an organized, descriptive list of techniques for encouraging these behaviors. Additionally, there are other helpful resources such as:

  • A list of possible IEP goals
  • Basic templates for center labels and
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I Teach Autism: A Starting Point for Teaching Strategies for Children with ASD

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Review by Caitlin Hickey, Special Educator and Hunter College Graduate Student

I came across in my search of websites for teachers of children with autism. I Teach Autism, which is the format of a blog, pegs itself as a source for autism teaching tools, books and resources. I Teach Autism was founded by a Special Education teacher who felt there was a lack of online resources for teachers of children with ASD. The founder wanted to create a site that catered to teachers, homeschooling parents, professionals and others who teach those with ASD.  The site states that it features
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Back to school: top 20 Special Education Blogs

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It is that time of year when we are all just ‘Back to School’ and teachers are busy preparing their classrooms and getting ready for the new year. The first week back is always very exciting and I had my first three classes last week. This semester I am teaching three classes: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Curriculum Models and Methods in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education as well as the new Teach for America Seminar which I am co-teaching with the wonderful Lauren Hanson.

My theme for this semester is balance- a balance between work and relaxation, a balance …

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