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Dr Fahim’s global mission has been to improve the quality of lives of young children with special needs, particularly those children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She continues to provide concierge speech and language therapy and consultative services to children and their families around the world.

Dr. Fahim’s somewhat unique training in speech and language pathology and applied behavioural analysis form a unique theoretical perspective, combining both developmental and behavioural approaches, which informs her intervention planning, work with families and collaboration with other professionals. She more specifically offers the following services:

I don’t know what my child needs or what’s wrong?

Implementing special educational & speech-language assessments: Dr Fahim specializes in the assessments of children from 0-7 years in English and Arabic.

This service includes an in-depth assessment of the your child’s needs, their learning space as well as comprehensive recommendations for adjustments that can help your child to thrive.

I know my child’s diagnosis but how do we help my child?

She will review previous assessment reports and guide you with the appropriate intervention that is most suitable for your child.

Using curriculum-based assessments Dr. Fahim will work with you and your child’s team to develop Individual Family Services Plans (for children 0-3 IFSPs) or Individual Education Plans (for children 3-7 IEP). These programs are for a 6 months to a year and will guide educators and clinicians on the specific objectives and areas your child most needs to help with. We can also help make sure that everyone is on the same page and frequently review progress and update the objectives.

We know what to do but need help finding a therapist or teacher who can implement the program at home and/or at school, how do find this person?

Dr. Fahim and her team can help with recruitment (writing the job advert, interviewing, and writing the contract) as well as providing ongoing supervision of clinical teams through tele-therapy as well as in person visits.

My child is at school but his school would like help on how to support him. Can you do this?

  • Collaboration and coordination with the team of clinical and education team;
  • Professional development and in service training for caregivers, teachers, and therapists;

We need help at home, do you provide hands on intensive coaching?

Dr. Fahim provides parent coaching as well as support to siblings and extended family members. She can help you in leaning how to set up a learning friendly home, implementing and using visual schedules and supports and help you and your child get the most out of everyday early childhood activities such as feeding, dressing, bath time and meal times. She can spend anything from a day to two weeks with you.

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