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Studies have shown that changing your pattern of verbal and non-verbal behaviour can help in improving your child’s communication skills without the need to focus directly on your child’s language.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy sessions can be conducted online and in person, taking place over 10 weeks. There are a total of six sessions and each session is between 45-60 minutes.

The First Session: the first session begins with watching a 15-minute video of you and your child’s interaction. Using a rating scale, Dr. Fahim and the parent go through a checklist and rate the different interaction skills. A skill that needs to be practiced is identified and the parent is asked to practice this skill for the rest of the week.

Sessions 1-4: Each week a video is shared to observe the parent using the interaction skill and observing the positive effects this has on their child. A new skill is identified each week and any other parent coaching needs are addressed too.

Sessions 5-6: These are referred to as Review sessions where a final video is watched. Here the initial video from session 1 is watched again and compared with the review video. The rating scale is then completed a second time to identify progress in the child and the parent.