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Dr. Fahim offers an array of training seminars for parents, pre-schools, businesses and service providers, to better prepare professionals to work with individuals with special needs including those with ASD.

Dr. Fahim has more than 20 years of experience providing workshops and consultancy services to parents, educators and clinicians in countries around the world including those where resources are limited

Let’s Talk Workshop Series

Dr. Fahim’s latest workshop series, “Let’s Talk,” are based on her book, co-authored with Dr. Rhea Paul and provide educators, therapists and families with an in depth understanding of autism and how to foster communication skills.

The most popular workshop topics include:

    • Let’s talk about toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders: intervention strategies for families and providers (one day)
    • Let’s talk about being social: social communication strategies to support young children with ASD and related disorder (one day for providers)
    • Let’s talk about feeding: how to meet the needs of picky eaters for families (one day)
    • Let’s talk about play: how to engage young children in play using everyday routines, simple toys and people games to foster fun and communication ( for families and ABA Therapists one day)
    • Creating Spaces that are Autism-Friendly: Addressing the Needs of Individuals with ASD in the elementary school setting through positive behavioural supports (one day for educators)
    • Dual Language Learners with ASD from assessment to intervention (half day).
    • Creating a home based individual programs using developmentally curricula (HELP & Carolina) and verbal behaviour programs (ABLLS) (three days for providers).

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