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You may be a government official, director of an NGO or owner of a school or preschool. Dr. Fahim has extensive experience working with Government Officials and Non-Profit organisations in the MENA area, as well as in North American and Europe, providing effective solutions for children with special needs.

I have a preschool or school and want to effectively include children with special needs.

We have a new Speech and Language Therapy Program and want to nationally improve the quality of our therapists in our county.

We want to develop a graduate program to train early childhood special educators.

No matter how big or small the problem, Dr. Fahim and her team will help you find solutions. Every engagement begins with a detailed appraisal of the client’s needs and goals and a possible site visit.

Thanks to my interdisciplinary background, clinical expertise, and many years of experience around the world as an autism specialist, I am able to collaborate with teams to translate theory into practice. We take what we know and put it into action. I work at a practical level by providing a variety of customized speech therapy and autism therapy services for children with special needs.

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