Review of Autism-blog for families–communicating with the ASD community

Review by Stephanie Chesney, Special Educator and Hunter College Graduate Student is an online support group for those who have family members or friends that have Autism. The website is easy to navigate through and has many aspects. First off, anyone can create their own blog and members are able to read blogs that are posted by others easily.  There is a free membership required if you choose to create a blog yourself. I believe this is an excellent tool because it allows people to share their experiences with one another. This provides the kind of support family members need. If someone comes across a particular blog they like, they have the ability to contact the writer to talk more with them. You can easily get help and ask questions. Something I really liked about the blog section is that currently there are many blogs posted about a parents fear before the first day of school, and then a follow up on first week of school experiences that parents and their children faced.

The website has an up to date news section with new news being posted about every hour or so. Some topics include diet and Autism, Apple Apps for Autism, as well as any Autism walks or charity events happening. The website has a great section containing videos with tips on proper playing or integrating sensory objects into a small child’s life.  There is another section which contains additional resources for those looking for more information regarding Autism. Something I really appreciated about this site was that there are links to learning what the spectrum is and what Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

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