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By October 2, 2014December 15th, 2015Mindfullness & Laundry

Those of you who know me well, know I love to cook and bake but I had a strong ‘anti-laundry’ disposition. Recently I have been practicing mindfulness as well as practicing a positive laundry attitude. I am attempting to practice this during everyday activities when I would normally be ‘auto-pilot’. Like today when I stepped out, discovered it was raining, stepped back in to put on my wellies and grab my umbrella, attempted to leave the house only to then realize that I had misplaced my keys. The unmindful two minutes it had taken me to unlock the door then led to a 10 minute frenzy of “oh my god where are the Keeeeezzzzz”. I then looked up at my yoga mat and remembered a wise friend who told me that “she’s always on time”, i slowed down my breathing, retraced my steps and found my keys in my sock draw! 

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