A writing reTreat: nature and technology coexisting

This is the first time I have had a holiday on my own-its really been more of creative writing retreat. I have travelled on my own for work, conferences etc but never solo for a vacation. One of the expectations of being a professor is the need to publish and this can be incredibly challenging. It is not the writing process as much as it is finding time to stop, focus and have clarity.

I always knew that sky inspired me. Darwin said that 80% of people never look past the horizon- for me looking up to the sky is one of my favorite past times. Often on planes I do my best writing. I thought it was because there was no escape but in reality it is the air and sky that I love. Coupled with my love for air is my love for water. So my perfect work space is up in the hills overlooking the sea in the south of Spain. Of course I am still accessible to the world and have my ipad and internet connection.

The first two days were hard. I am not used to this quiet, I live in New York after all. But after the second day, I didn’t want the radio on in the background, I was happy to hear the birds and feel the stillness in the air. I enjoyed this simplicity. My use of the internet was limited to finding an article or responding to the odd email.

Having the time to stop, focus and take in my natural surroundings has been priceless. I have taken pleasure in going to the market to buy fresh produce, I have sat on the rocks on the beach and meditated, I have enjoyed the silence on the terrace and watched the birds fly home after a days work. I have enjoyed my own company but most importantly I have been immersed in the pleasure of reading, reflecting and writing every day!

When I am back in New York I will remember the joy I felt writing and my intention is nulla dies sine linea! (not a day without a line)

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