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Toilet train, without the stress and mess

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Download our free guide to toilet training children with special needs here.

Who is this toilet training guide for?

This tool is for parents and early interventionists who are working towards helping a child use a toilet. Whilst, toilet training is a big milestone for all children, Children with special needs often need a little extra help and attention with this task.

What is included with the top tips for this toilet training?

A simple visual schedule for using the toilet and for handwashing are included. You can cut these out, laminate them, and place them in the bathroom you will use. It is a good idea to have an additional set for when you are on the go.

Why you need this toilet training guide?

Having clear steps and expectations help your child understand the steps needed to be successful with toileting. Pictures make it much easier to achieve independence too! You can build on success by teaching one step at a time and working through the schedule. 

Good Luck!



Donia Fahim

Donia Fahim, Ph.D., Cert. MRCSLT (UK), is the Founder & Director of Education and Therapeutic Spaces Ltd. She is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, International Educational Consultant, writer, and adventure/traveller who has devoted her life to improving the educational and therapeutic services of young children with special needs around the world. She is considered one of the leading experts in the field of early intervention, international special education, and speech-language therapy. She utilizes evidence-based practices with in-depth knowledge across disciplines. Dr. Fahim and her team provide consultations in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Reviews From My Clients

"Dr. Fahim’s vast experience in the field of Autism, behavior and curriculum development informed my understanding of the field and helped to guide my practice with my students. If you have the chance to take a course or workshop with Dr. Fahim don’t think twice."

"As parents of a very young child who lost language he acquired, and he became lost to us. It was very frightening. Finding Donia was like someone turning on a light in that dark time. She helped us see what we were doing well and skilfully and subtlety directed us towards strategies and techniques, which transformed our son’s communication."

"Donia is an excellent clinician. Her years of experience were immediately evident during the assessment process where she was able to pick up on all the areas of difficulty, including the subtle difficulties overlooked by other clinicians."

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