Donia has an innate ability to connect with young children. This coupled with her outstanding professional abilities, and intuitive perception meant that we and our son could instantly trust her when she came to work with us. We cannot thank her enough for her work in guiding us as parents of a child on the spectrum and helping him become accepted by his peers and prepared for the challenges of secondary school.

– Zoe Lake, UK


Brilliant, insightful, and compassionate – Dr. Fahim wears the triple crown. In addition, her great gifts for strategy, and her belief in the possibilities of healing after trauma, make a winning combination. Our son has been working for an hour a week with Dr. Fahim over the last six months, and the difference is Night and Day. He tells us that for the first time in his life, he feels heard. Years of frustration over being unable to express himself, and to solve Other Mind problems, are evaporating. She is also teaching our family new ways of relating to each other; that past disasters do not have to be future ones. Though 2021 was the most difficult of years, Dr. Fahim’s presence has transformed our lives.

– Mother of AB, UK


I would like thank Donia for her patience and consistent support during her time as my speech and language therapy clinical supervisor. It has been a highlight of my career to be supported clinically by Donia. She is very knowledgable in her field of expertise and shares this knowledge through fun learning methods to support the development of speech and language therapists. Donia is able to connect to those learning from her and is able to draw on their strengths to generate successful clinical practice. It was truly a pleasure to work under her clinical supervision in what was a challenging working environment. Her positivity and support as my clinical supervisor helped immensely and saw me eventually smiling through the many challenges faced as a speech and language therapist working abroad. Thank you.

– Holly Mitchell

As a graduate student in Early Childhood Special Education at Hunter College, I had the privilege of having Dr. Fahim as a Professor. Her ability to translate her real world knowledge of children with special needs and her passion for helping children and their families prepared me for my career as a Special Educator. Dr. Fahim’s vast experience in the field of Autism, behavior and curriculum development informed my understanding of the field and helped to guide my practice with my students. If you have the chance to take a course or workshop with Dr. Fahim don’t think twice.

– Bonnie Feinberg, Special Education Itinerant Teacher, New York Center for Child Development


You made this come true, this is one of the many kids you helped. I will always be grateful to you and remember each small and big detail you helped me with. Show Karim’s journey to any mother who feels hopeless, there is light at the end of the road.

Thanks to you and all the people who never gave up on him.

– Eman (Mother of Karim)


Dr. Donia is one of the most kind hearted, amazing people I have ever met in my life. She has helped me grow as a student and as a person. She has taught me life strategies that will help me in school, university, and later on in the future. I really enjoyed working with her. Wishing her great success.

– Omar (aged 17)


As parents of a very young child who lost language he acquired, and he became lost to us. It was very frightening. Finding Donia was like someone turning on a light in that dark time. She helped us see what we were doing well and skilfully and subtlety directed us towards strategies and techniques, which transformed our son’s communication.

Through working with Donia, our son learned the power of verbal and non-verbal communication. All the interventions were 100% respectful of our son’s neurodiverse way of interacting with the world; we simply learned how to tweak our way of interacting with him, which seemed to unlock some very key skills. The interventions were fun, and we enjoyed them together as a family (our son has siblings). We are confident that he has solid building blocks for further learning, and we feel more confident as parents to help him achieve his future potential. Donia’s approach is evidence based, holistic, child and family centred; we have no hesitation in recommending her services.

– Connor’s Mother


Thank you Donia for helping me with speech, language and communication. I enjoyed the lessons so much, especially the lessons on speech which were so helpful and also fun. I feel confident saying ‘c’ and ‘g’ now. I will miss you.” Isa (9 years old)

“Donia is an excellent clinician. Her years of experience were immediately evident during the assessment process where she was able to pick up on all the areas of difficulty, including the subtle difficulties overlooked by other clinicians. When therapy started, my son warmed to her immediately and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with her, even noting how much he would miss her when the sessions came to an end. He has made significant progress with both speech and language and we have (and will!) wholeheartedly recommend her to other parents in need of a truly proficient speech and language therapist. Thank you.”

– Dr. Shaheen (Isa’s Mother)