I would like thank Donia for her patience and consistent support during her time as my speech and language therapy clinical supervisor. It has been a highlight of my career to be supported clinically by Donia. She is very knowledgable in her field of expertise and shares this knowledge through fun learning methods to support the development of speech and language therapists. Donia is able to connect to those learning from her and is able to draw on their strengths to generate successful clinical practice. It was truly a pleasure to work under her clinical supervision in what was a challenging working environment. Her positivity and support as my clinical supervisor helped immensely and saw me eventually smiling through the many challenges faced as a speech and language therapist working abroad. Thank you, Holly.

As a graduate student in Early Childhood Special Education at Hunter College, I had the privilege of having Dr. Fahim as a Professor. Her ability to translate her real world knowledge of children with special needs and her passion for helping children and their families prepared me for my career as a Special Educator. Dr. Fahim’s vast experience in the field of Autism, behavior and curriculum development informed my understanding of the field and helped to guide my practice with my students. If you have the chance to take a course or workshop with Dr. Fahim don’t think twice. Bonnie Feinberg, Special Education Itinerant Teacher, New York Center for Child Development

Dr. Fahim is by far the best professor I have ever had. She truly wants to make great teachers and not just give grades. The work is challenging and applicable

Exemplary style of teaching and inspirational to my academic career as an educator and graduate student

I very much enjoyed this course particularly your constructive use of video clips for us to analyze

Donia is a terrific instructor who shares her passion and knowledge on the subject. There is a sense of wholeness to her teaching method that stimulates learning and overall motivation to be interested in the topic. She incorporates many methods of teaching and applying information to keep it interesting.

Extremely knowledgeable about her subject matter

An incredible professor who practices what she teaches

Increased my interest in the area and provided thoughtful and insightful information

She is an exceptional professor