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Let’s Talk: Experience Sharing & Autism

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Our children today are taught to express themselves, to be successful in school, on the sports field, in music, in drama, in music and to generally to be busy DOING.

autismWe do a good job at ensuring their little minds and bodies are taken care of but what about their little hearts? Do we teach our children to LOVE, to be kind to each other and to forgive? Do we teach our children compassion and the deeper meaning of sacrifice (giving up what you love to someone else in need). Do we teach our children to both appreciate differences in …

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What is the Difference between Talking and Communicating?

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AACPic2For a moment think about TALKING and COMMUNICATING. Are they the same thing? I consult for a family, who have a little boy Sammy, with a rare genetic disorder. Sammy is three and is unable to communicate using spoken language but does this little boy try his best to communicate!! His smiles, infectious giggles and facial expressions tell an entire story. He has now learned to use the app My Very First AAC to express his needs and is moving onto a more complex device.

I love this app, it is parent friendly, simple to use, and photos/voice recordings can …

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People Games: Five little men in a flying saucer!

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GamesinSun2In my role as an educational consultant parents of children with special needs often ask me about appropriate toys and games they can play with their children. With the availability of technology there is sometimes a tendency to “pull out the iPad”. While I am a fan of developmentally appropriate use of technology there is so much value and fun gained from just playing (minus iPad)! During summer holidays and while traveling the toy box can’t always join you. Some outdoor fun at the beach, visiting play-grounds and People Games can be enjoyed by all children.

People Games are …

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