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June 2015

New York Families for Autistic Children Website Review

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Review by Erika Flores, Special Educator & Hunter College Graduate Student

When families are told the news that their son or daughter is diagnosed with autism, the first thing that might cross their mind is “Now what?” There are many resources out there for families that have children who are diagnosed with autism but it could be a bit tricky to find. It is very important for parents to be informed about what autism is and about all the new developing research out there but how do they know which websites are reliable and provide accurate information? In this blog …

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Review of: Wrightslaw website

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Review by Caitlin O’Donnell, Special Educator & Hunter College Graduate Student.

The Wrightslaw website is a single source containing multiple resources.  It is geared towards parents, educational professionals, and legal professionals such as lawyers and advocates, by providing information based on the laws surrounding special education and information on specific disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).  The information is provided in English, however, in the upper left corner, there is the option to translate the website immediately to Spanish.  “How do I know if this has latest information?” one may ask.  The latest update is documented at the bottom of …

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Review of AutismWeb: A Parent’s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder

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 “AutismWeb: A Parent’s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder”

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Reviewed By: Anna Chan, Special Educator & graduate student at Hunter College

This website is very user-friendly and informative. For any parent of a newly diagnosed child who has little prior knowledge about ASDs, this website will help provide a wealth of knowledge that will set the foundation for understanding and further learning about ASDs.  Autism Spectrum Disorder is clearly defined and explained.  I like how they talked about “Warning Signs”, so first-time parents can begin to understand and relate to symptoms their child may display and decide whether …

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A world focus on autism: guest bloggers & multi-lingual reviews of on line sources

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During the opening week of the United Nations 67th General Assembly, on the 27th of September, Autism Speaks will host its 5th Annual World Focus on Autism. This is exciting for all of us at Hunter becuase it will be held at Hunter College’s Roosevelt House and many of us who are part of the Hunter Autism Research, Practice & Policy Center (HARPP) will be presenting posters. My colleague Nilofer Naqvi and I are excited to be presenting a poster on Autism in Low Income Countries: current status, challenges and solutions, which is based on our grassroots work during …

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