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May 2015

Bringing guided relaxation into the KG classroom

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A special commentary by Maddy Wyman
As a teacher feeling stressed or overworked can become an everyday feeling. We all feel the pressure to fit in every little workshop and have our own agenda. I am currently finishing up my third year teaching and can admit that I have felt burnt out well over a dozen times. As a Kindergarten teacher in the modern day DOE it is an expectation that students have three workshops a day in each academic subject. When I was in Kindergarten I was taught how to transition into activities, treat others with respect, and work …

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Teaching what we need to learn

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Children with ASD sometimes have difficulty reading the clues to be able to figure out how the other person is feeling. What is equally important is identifying how they are feeling. We have thousands of thoughts a day and those thoughts can and do affect how we feel. When working with children with ASD we can teach them to identify how others are feeling by using their detective or information gathering skills. It can help to use tools such as video modeling, and watch videos of others to help the children identify how others are feeling. Questions such as– What’s …

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Can the internet be your virtual internet consultant?

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Each semester at Hunter College, the ECSPEDE graduate students from my Autism class are asked to look at internet resources for families of young children with Autism. If you type Autism Spectrum Disorders into google you will get two million hits, but if you type in Autism you get close to 75 million hits. The challenge that continues to face families is finding appropriate, practical, accessible internet based information. Who do you follow on Twitter? What face book page is appropriate? Which youtube video show true evidence based practices? Which internet site do you refer to to help you create …

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