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April 2015

Ghana hosts first Autism summit to mark World Autism Day

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Ghana hosts first Autism summit to mark World Autism Day

The first ever autism conference in a western African country will be held in Accra, Ghana- April 2011: The Global Autism Project, in association with Teachers Without Borders and the Awareness, Care and Training Centre (AACT), will be hosting the first West African autism conference in Accra, Ghana on the 7th-10th April. The conference will be held at the Kama Conference Center for the first 3 days and then the last day will be at the W.E.B. Dubois Center. It will consist of lectures, workshops, discussion groups, …

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Why do we teach young children with ASD to clap their hands?

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When was the last time you clapped your hands? Really when? You walk into your favourite shop pick out a pair of shoes and as you go to pay, the sales assistant tells you there’s an extra 50% off. Do you clap! and say, “wow that’s great!” and jump for joy? You may verbally acknowledge your joy and nonverbally show it with a smile. But clap? No, very unlikely. But teaching a young child with ASD to clap is one of the most common early skills seen on IFSPs.

When working with very young children with ASD a skill we …

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Surrendering to academia and being present

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Children are the best assessors of their teachers! It’s a fact. Ask the children and they will tell you who is fun, whose lessons they love, and who they really don’t like. The same goes for graduate students! So why in academia are we judged merely by the number of peer reviewed journals we publish? Publishing books, writing blogs, TV appearances, organizing conferences, developing intervention services, training teachers etc, etc don’t count. The professors commodity is-How many peer reviewed journal articles have you published? Until that changes the young professor has no choice but to publish.

I have been an …

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Alchemy: autism websites and Apps for Autism

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Once a semester the student teachers in the early childhood special education program review websites which provide information about autism. The amount of information available is overwhelming. A little like the role of an alchemist finding the right information, appropriate tools, knowing what really are evidence based practice is no easy task.  Below is a link to a number of apps that can be used with either an ipad or iphone/ipod touch.

The comments are all related to ASD websites which are available in Japanese, Spanish and English.…

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Reforming Special Education and Teacher Training in Egypt

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As we move ahead and pave the way to a New Egypt I sincerely hope that an important item on the agenda of change will be Education, education for all! This must include children in Egypt with special needs. It has been my mission since 1994 to develop services for these children. Those who share this mission with me and have set up NGOs in Egypt such as the Advance Society or Nidaa, know that it has been an ongoing struggle. I don’t think it will be a struggle any more we have seen what people power and passion can …

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