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October 2014

Coffee, jazz legends and academia

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A kind of Blue

I was in need of academic inspiration so I came to “Think Coffee”- it’s where I came when I was preparing to interview for Hunter. I love the music (eclectic) , the coffee (perfectly brewed) and the clientele ranges from NYU students to legendary jazz musicians and profs like me. It’s a great place to sit with a lap top, write, reflect and breathe deeply.

So as I am contemplating Autism and language impairment and enjoying the background jazz a gentleman comes and sits next to me. He’s wearing dark glasses, a hat with a feather …

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volume control

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“I think your motor is going too fast, you need to slow down and use your indoor voice”

There are many ways to help children know that they are speaking too loud or two quiet. One of the ways is is to model for them how they should be talking, either by speaking very loudly or speaking so quietly that you are almost inaudible. With older children using video feedback is very effective. Record them, ask them what they think, and 9/10 times they can tell if they are too loud or too quiet. It’s very important when they are …

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The spectrum of tears

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Under Professor Shirley Cohen’s mentorship I gave a presentation two weeks ago to a group of FAR Fellows associated with the Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Hunter College. The title of my presentation was ‘Autism in the Nonwestern World’; I focused on the countries I have worked in. A large portion of my talk was dedicated to autism in Egypt and specifically the Advance Society. I am known to be a lively presenter and normally I maintain my professional demeanor which I try to keep ‘tear free’. I introduced the topic and when Egypt’s name came up I

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Autism global, local, national….

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Over this week I have attended a series of meetings, functions and conferences all about Autism. I have a global mission and that is to develop services, awareness and treatment for children with Autism and related disorders in the developing world. It is the reason I moved to Egypt ten years ago and it is the reason I am now in New York and now why I am in Ohio. At the NATTAP conference tomorrow I am speaking about ASD services in Africa.

I have asked myself many times, Why Autism? I don’t know the answer to this question. Yes …

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Those of you who know me well, know I love to cook and bake but I had a strong ‘anti-laundry’ disposition. Recently I have been practicing mindfulness as well as practicing a positive laundry attitude. I am attempting to practice this during everyday activities when I would normally be ‘auto-pilot’. Like today when I stepped out, discovered it was raining, stepped back in to put on my wellies and grab my umbrella, attempted to leave the house only to then realize that I had misplaced my keys. The unmindful two minutes it had taken me to unlock the door then

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